Tobacco State Tax

The following is a guide only and shows the estimated State Tobacco Tax. It is the responsibility of the buyer to declare and pay their state Tobacco Tax for each purchase. Please note that we only collect and pay for the Tobacco TAX for sales completed in the Stae of Tennessee.  If you have any questions about Tobacco TAX or how to buy from us please contact us via this website.

ISOStateChewing & Smoking Tobacco TaxChewing & Smoking Tobacco TaxDate OTP tax last changedParallel Tax (% w/s price)
ALAlabamaChewing: 1.5¢/oz.; Smoking: 4-6¢/oz.0.062004-05-1812%
AKAlaska75% wholesale price75%1997-10-0136%
ARArkansas68% mfr. price68%2009-03-0121%
CACalifornia563.49% wholesale price63.49%2021-07-0151%
COColorado50% mfr. price50%2022-01-0135%
CTConnecticut50% wholesale price50%2019-10-0177%
DEDelaware30% wholesale price30%2018-01-0138%
DCDC791% wholesale price91%2019-10-0180%
FLFlorida85% wholesale price85%2009-07-0124%
GAGeorgia10% wholesale price10%2021-01-017%
HIHawaii70% wholesale price70%2009-09-3057%
IDIdaho40% wholesale price40%1994-07-0111%
ILIllinois36% wholesale price36%2019-07-0153%
INIndiana24% wholesale price24%2014-07-0118%
IAIowa50% wholesale price50%2007-03-1525%
KSKansas10% wholesale price10%2017-07-0123%
KYKentucky15% wholesale price15%2020-08-0120%
MEMaineChewing: 202¢/oz.; Smoking: 43% w/s price43%2020-01-0236%
MDMarylandChewing: 53% w/s price; Smoking: 30% w/s price30%2021-03-1467%
MAMassachusettsChewing: 210% w/s price; Smoking: 40%40%2020-06-0163%
MIMichigan32% wholesale price32%2012-11-0136%
MNMinnesota95% wholesale price95%2013-07-0154%
MSMississippi15% mfr. price15%2005-06-0113%
MOMissouri10% mfr. price10%1993-10-014%
MTMontana50% wholesale price50%2005-01-0131%
NENebraska20% wholesale price20%2009-10-0112%
NVNevada30% wholesale price30%2020-01-0132%
NHNew Hampshire65.03% wholesale price65.03%2020-01-0132%
NJNew Jersey30% wholesale price30%2019-11-0148%
NMNew Mexico25% mfr. price25%2019-07-0136%
NYNew York75% wholesale price75%2019-12-0177%
NCNorth Carolina12.8% wholesale price12.80%2015-06-018%
NDNorth DakotaChewing: 16¢/oz; Smoking: 28% w/s price28%2001-07-018%
OHOhio17% wholesale price17%2019-10-0129%
OKOklahomaChewing: 60% mfr. price; Smoking: 80% mfr price80%2005-01-0136%
OROregon65% wholesale price65%2021-01-0159%
RIRhode Island80% wholesale price80%2009-04-1076%
SCSouth Carolina5% mfr. price5%2009-04-1011%
SDSouth Dakota35% wholesale price35%2007-01-01 00:00:0028%
TNTennessee6.6% wholesale price6.60%2002-07-1511%
TXTexas122¢/oz. (with min. tax)1.222013-09-0125%
UTUtah86% mfr. price86%2021-07-0131%
VTVermont92% wholesale price92%2019-07-0155%
VAVirginiaChewing: 42¢-140¢/unit;
RYO: 10% mfr. price; Other: 20% mfr price
WAWashington95% taxable sales price95%2019-10-0154%
WVWest Virginia12% wholesale price12%2016-07-0122%
WIWisconsin71% mfr. price71%2019-10-0145%
WYWyoming20% wholesale price20%2020-07-0111%
USUS GovernmentChewing: 3.1¢/oz.; Pipe: 17.7¢/oz.;
RYO: 155¢/oz.

DISCLAIMER: The following TAX calculations are a guide only and can change without notice, mistakes and incorrect information may apply. Please contact your State TAX department for the latest information on Tobacco TAX in your state.